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Xingtai Huimao Trading Co.,Ltd,is a professinal manufacturer and supplier in auto spare parts. Our factory is located in Jvlu Industrial Zone,Xingtai City,Hebei Province, concentrates on the manufacturing fields of rubber sealing parts and automotive oils,such as oil seals, O rings,gaskets,bushes,engine oil,lubricating oil,etc. To supply our customers with superior products,our engineers and researchers have been exploiting and developing our own independent core high technology by referring to the advance foreigh oil seal technology.This industrial development pattern makes HUIMAO stand out from the fierce competition both at home and abroad,which is HUIMAO’s most important and successful experience.
Besides,we can supply other engine parts,basic parts and body parts,such as ignition system, filters,bearings,brakes systems,suspension,etc.
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Here at HuiMao, we continuously search for simple yet innovative solutions to address the changing and growing demands of vehicles owners all over the globe. By using the latest technologies in the industry and ensuring that our aftermarket products are built to OEM standards, we are able to provide the market with nothing but the best. 

We have a team of technicians with 30 years of product developing experience. They are familiar with related quality system, the technology of precise casting and inspection method. With good understanding of drawings, we can make molds rapidly. We also focus on the industrial trends to ensure that you have the right parts with the perfect fit all the time. 
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HUIMao Auto Spare Parts
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HuiMao Auto spare parts 
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We here at HUIMAO strive for nothing but the best when it comes to the quality of our products.
We have the best engineers and technicians with experience in order to ensure quality and reduce cost while creating revolutionary developments in processing methods and mechanisms.
From raw materials to finished products, we carry out strict inspection to ensure the craft. Equipped with the most advanced instruments, our products are 100% tested to ensure they meet ISO 9001 standard.
HUIMAO has participated in various exhibitions that have gathered global top brands and domestic and foreign leading companies. The order of superior products and volume of products have increased year by year. We have a lot of partners, all of them are strong manufacturers who have cooperated for many years.
Our products are widely exported to Korea,Dubai,Iran,Brazil,Russia and many other countries and areas. Huimao always highlights the product quality to win customers’ recognition and keep the quality promises.We belive that honesty brings trust ,mutual benifit makes both of winners.
HUIMAO participates in the exhibition every year to achieve technical cooperation and exchanges with various countries, so that we can grow together.
1. Sample order, OEM/ODM Processing 
2. A complete set of design schemes for rubber seals and parts for customers' products
3. Auto spare parts one-stop service
If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.



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